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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What all tech problems can you help me with?
• Identifying Wi-Fi network issues
• Software installation and troubleshooting (e.g. MS Office, Adobe products, email clients, Zoom, MS teams, etc.)
• PC problems (e.g. PC is slow, PC hangs, making a backup, etc.)
• Printer & TV troubleshooting

2) How long will it take to set up an appointment with you?
Less than one hour. Our representative will call and check if your problem can be solved remotely or needs a pickup and delivery service or a technical visit.

3) How would you instruct me what all to do?
The technical staff will call and guide you step by step to solve your technical problem.

4) What all tools would I need?
Remote access software that you need to install on you laptop to solve the problem remotely.

5) How much will this cost?
Charges will be conveyed in advance before starting the process, and in case the problem can’t be solved the money will be refunded. The amount will vary from case to case and starts from AED 50.

6) What if I am not able to solve the issue by myself?
We will schedule a pick-up and delivery in some cases and in other cases a fully equipped team can visit to diagnose the problem on site.

7) How do you ensure maximum safety measures?
All our experts ensure maximum safety and sanitisation standards by washing and sanitising their hands regularly and by wearing gloves and masks.